CallidusCloud WorkFlow Bug Tracking Software

CallidusCloud WorkFlow comes equipped with a pre-programmed bug-tracking process that you can tailor to your needs. The centrality of communications is ideal for quick resolution since access to the information can be granted to all levels of your support staff and to your customers as well. This facilitates strong communication between those experiencing the bug and those tasked with fixing it. CallidusCloud WorkFlow facilitates efficient resolution and transparency. This builds good will with clients and can take the negative experience and frustration of the bug and turn it into a positive experience with a comprehensive service-oriented response. It also reduces or eliminates employee frustration and raises morale through improved clarity of individual assignments and responsibilities.

Bug Tracking and Support Challenges Addressed by CallidusCloud WorkFlow expand all collapse all

Simple and Convenient Interface for Reporting Bugs expand

After encountering a bug, the last thing internal or external customers want to do is jump through hoops in order to report it. If the process for reporting bugs is cumbersome, it adds to the user’s frustration, or worse, they don’t bother reporting the problem and the same bug will keep frustrating other users.

CallidusCloud WorkFlow allows your internal and external customers or partners to easily or even automatically report bugs from anywhere, including directly from your application. There are several options available:

  • » automatic bug notice creation via web service API,
  • » embedded bug report widgets,
  • » embedded bug report URLs,
  • » automatic notice creation from emails,
  • » automatic rule-based alerts from tweets, or
  • » automatic rule- based case creation from tweets.


CallidusCloud WorkFlow’s widgets can be embedded virtually anywhere, such as

  • » your application,
  • » your web site,
  • » your customer portal,
  • » your partner portal, or
  • » any other application.

You can also send registered users or guest users directly to CallidusCloud WorkFlow.

Regardless of how many different ways you have for your customers to easily report bugs, your support organization receives them all in one spot. All the data automatically flows in and through CallidusCloud WorkFlow with:

  • » No retyping.
  • » No copying and pasting
  • » No leakage or loss of information through reinterpretation or mismatched file types.

Providing Frequent Updates and Personalized Support expand

While not having any bugs is the ultimate goal for all of us, the next best thing is tracking and resolving bugs expeditiously and satisfactorily. Most companies, however, don’t have unlimited resources so that personalized updates can be given about every issue.

With CallidusCloud WorkFlow Bug Tracking Workflow, from the moment a bug has been reported, customers will feel informed and confident that their problem is being addressed.

After filling out the personalized form, customers are emailed a confirmation, with a bug-tracking number, along with a link so that they can conveniently track the progress 24/7 and participate in the resolution.

The links can include secure token technology eliminating the need for login ID and password, while providing secure access. This is just one great user experience feature offered by CallidusCloud WorkFlow.

In addition to being able to access their case with one click, customers also get automatic updates as their bug is moving through the process, every step of the way, without any extra work to keep them in the loop. Clients are also automatically notified if their help is needed to reproduce the bug.


Elimination of Re-Inventing the Wheel Syndrome expand

In today’s fiercely competitive market, demands on your development and support resources are constantly increasing. Bugs and other issues are ever more complex and the level of multitasking is constantly growing. At the same time, less and less time is available for training or bringing aboard new hires.

CallidusCloud WorkFlow Bug Tracking software allows you to eliminate mistakes and inefficiencies associated with re-inventing the wheel syndrome. It comes with a pre-defined and enforceable Bug Tracking workflow.

The intuitive setup wizard allows you to personalize the default workflow, or create and personalize additional processes to perfectly fit your needs.

For example, not every reported bug is really a bug. Sometimes the issue was a result of:

  • » incomplete or inaccurate documentation,
  • » lack of training, or
  • » inability of a feature to support a particular user case.

CallidusCloud WorkFlow can easily be used for those complementary processes, such as:

  • » Workflow for developing or improving documentation,
  • » Workflow for improving existing or developing new features,
  • » Workflow for developing use cases,
  • » Workflow for developing test cases, and
  • » Workflow for improving interactive training.

Personalization and customization is done via easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, There is:

  • » No need for programming,
  • » No need for scripting, and
  • » no need for HTML coding.

Regardless of how simple or complex your process is and how similar or diverse your customers are, everybody inside and outside your organization will know exactly what needs to be done, when, and in what sequence.

CallidusCloud WorkFlow will provide clarity and repeatability which means:

  • » less training,
  • » less re-work,
  • » less back and forth,
  • » fewer mistakes,
  • » improved consistency, and
  • » more predictability.

This will result in improved satisfaction and increased confidence both inside and outside your organization.


Performance Improvements through Insight and Accountability expand

Virtually everybody can improve their bug tracking and resolution process. We all know that there are things that we could be doing better, but finding the time to identify those things is a challenge. While this identification is vitally important, by its nature it is not as urgent as fixing current bugs. Thus, in most organizations, it remains on the backburner.

Within weeks, if not days, CallidusCloud WorkFlow will help you pin-point your problem areas. The built-in analytics will easily help you identify bottlenecks in your bug tracking and resolution process.

You will quickly be able to understand which tasks are taking longer than they should. You’ll be able to pinpoint which resources are overloaded and which are underutilized. Similarly, you will also be able to identify the most common causes of bugs, such as most buggy modules, so that you can address those internally or with your outsourced developers and decrease the overall number of bugs in your system.

The built-in social feed contains every:

  • » complaint,
  • » comment, and
  • » question,
  • as well as,
  • » your answers and responses.

This will give you great insight into the mood within your organization as well as the perception from outside your organization.

The exceptional search and filtering capabilities transform clutter and noise into actionable insight.


Coordinating Disparate Teams and Virtual Employees expand

Whether you are a global organization, or a small development company with virtual offices, coordinating the work of various personnel resources who are not in the same physical location or in the same time zone can be a challenge.

CallidusCloud WorkFlow comes with great collaboration features that prove tremendously valuable when you are working around the globe and around the clock.

Some key capabilities are:

  • » Virtual Team Building will allow for teams to be assembled to deal with particularly perplexing bugs.
  • » Social Feed allows insight into all the conversations that are occurring about any bug or any other process.
  • » Case Sharing allows cases to be shared by invitation only with anyone who might contribute from inside or outside your organization.
  • » Following/Un-follow Support Cases allows members of your organization, such as your sales team, to follow a case which deals with their accounts, so that they are never blindsided and can make the most of renewals or up-sell opportunities.
  • » Profiles allow your resources to have a virtual CV listing their strengths and areas of expertise, so they can be tapped when their help is needed.
  • » Case Assignment and re-Assignment Rules allow bugs to be assigned or passed on from one resource to another at the end of a shift in around-the-clock operations.

Quicker Bug Resolution expand

Your internal and external customers are increasingly more demanding. In today’s world of tweets, social networks, and blogs, anything perceived as issue deflection or undue delay in bug resolution can result in instant and massive backlash. With such high customer expectations and many outlets where customers can voice their dissatisfaction, prioritizing what to work on next, and who should be working on what can become overwhelming.

With Automated

  • » Assignment Rules
  • » Notifications
  • » Reminders
  • » Escalations
  • » Monitoring and Enforcing Service Level Agreements, and
  • » Personalized Updates.

CallidusCloud WorkFlow is great in helping you intelligently prioritize your bugs, based on sound business rules rather than individual subjectivity. You’ll be able to quiet the squeaky wheel while also doing what is best for your business.

The rules also make it easy to capture and maximize the impact of positive feedback you will get from your customers, through automated feedback capture and rules for sharing and distributing positive feedback.


Improved Know-How via Collaboration and
Tribal Knowledge expand

Some bugs may be really difficult to resolve. Your first level support personnel may keep asking and re-asking the same questions over and over again. Most often, no matter how difficult fixing a bug may appear, there is an answer somewhere in your organization. Quickly knowing who to ask and how to find the answer is often a bigger challenge than ultimately fixing the bug. Some of the most valuable how-to knowledge is often trapped in never-read internal memos, individual developer’s documentation, individual email inboxes, voicemails, chats or texts.

Unlike those convenient but organizationally inefficient communication vehicles, CallidusCloud WorkFlow allows you to maximize your organization’s talent. For example, there is a built in mechanism for multithreaded discussions within each bug. You can also build a team to deal with your most difficult problems. The team members can consist of your customers, internal resources and your outsourced developers or external consultants. Collectively, they can all work on the problem, exchange ideas, synchronously or asynchronously.

CallidusCloud WorkFlow also has a built-in social feed. It is similar to Facebook and Google Wave when it comes to ease of use, but the business and permission rules, along with precision search eliminates the clutter and provides insight.

Capabilities such as

  • » Follow/Un-follow Individual Support Cases
  • » Case Sharing by Invitation
  • » Building Teams
  • » Crowd Sourcing
  • » Personal Profiles, and
  • » Built-in Knowledge Base

These features enable the right level of collaboration, not only within your company, but with your:

  • » customers
  • » vendors, and
  • » partners.