CallidusCloud CPQ is used to accurately and efficiently generate quotes and proposals, from simple budgetary rough drafts to submittals, contracts, and license or subscription agreements.

CallidusCloud CPQ quote generation capabilities are a good fit for your organization if you have one or more of the following challenges.

Most Typical Challenges Addressed by CPQ    expand all collapse all

Strenuous quoting process expand

While the product catalog and configurator ensure speedy selection of the most appropriate products, the CallidusCloud CPQ quote generation engine ensures that a customer facing document is created literally in seconds. Administrators, typically

  • » Marketing
  • » Product management

design quote templates using familiar applications, such as:

  • » Word
  • » Excel

Different quote templates can be designed for different purposes and exposed to different users. CallidusCloud CPQ proposal generator automatically includes all the relevant content, such as:

  • » Selected products and their prices
  • » Most relevant product data
  • » Case studies
  • » Pictures and drawings
  • » Terms and conditions
  • » Any other relevant content

Consistent content, formatting and branding expand

Document generation is automated based on your quote templates, content files and pricing rules. Customer, product and other data is automatically merged into a consistent professional looking document.

Our customers have found that CallidusCloud CPQ quote software not only ensures that all quotes look consistent and professional, but they also tell a convincing story.


Quote approvals expand

Regardless of how complex your approval process is, CallidusCloud CPQ quotation software helps you automate it and streamline it. Anything can be used to trigger an approval, such as:

  • » Exceeding discount threshold
  • » Exceeding gross margin threshold
  • » Selecting non-standard terms
  • » Matching a government entry on a do-not-ship list
  • » Non-standard products

Each quote can invoke unlimited number of serial or parallel approval threads and is not allowed to move forward until dealt with. But one of the best features is no approvals at all. Almost all CPQ customers have significantly reduced their approvals by allowing CPQ to automatically ‘let through’ all quotes without any approval violations.


Electronic Quote Acceptance and Feedbackexpand

Quotes can be delivered to a customer through a secure link, which customers can

  • » Accept
  • » Reject
  • » Provide feedback

Electronic feedback and acceptance along with automated approvals significantly eliminates unnecessary delays shortening your sales cycle.


Controlling gross margin expand

Maximize your margins while minimizing time delays associated with negotiations. CallidusCloud CPQ quoting engine can show exact gross margin or margin health indicators at the time of quote creation. User can be allowed to change or specify desired margin, or adjust margin sliders which automatically compute desired prices. Our quote worksheet provides the industry’s most flexible discounting functionality by allowing you to change:

  • » Discount percentage
  • » Discount amount
  • » Multiplier
  • » Unit price
  • » Extended price

This can be done at the

  • » Item level
  • » Product family (classification) subtotal level
    • - Hardware
    • - Software
    • - Services
    • - Third party items
    • - Any other subtotal classification
  • » Overall Quote Level

Even additional discount items can be added. All unacceptable margins can be routed for approvals.


Maximizing Up-selling Cross-selling expand

CallidusCloud CPQ pricing and revenue maximizer engine suggests any relevant up-sell, cross-sell, or special promotion such as:

  • » Premium product
  • » Volume discounts
  • » Related items
  • » Bundles
  • » Time sensitive promotions

You can identify your B2B or B2C customers to purchase additional products and you can remind your sales people or resellers to optionally offer additional products. It will also apply pricing based on

  • » Special conditions
  • » Uplifts
  • » Existing contracts
  • » Markets
  • » Verticals (industry)

Ability to suggest alternatives or additional items without increasing quote total maximizes your chance to increase order size without risking sticker shock.


Selling through multiple channels expand

CallidusCloud CPQ ensures that all your channels including:

  • » Sales
  • » Partners
  • » Wholesalers
  • » Distributors
  • » Resellers
  • » Agents
  • » Customers

are only selling or buying authorized products at authorized prices. Customers can create quotes and proposals themselves, either automatically, or after authenticating them.

CPQ’s product selection, pricing and quoting automation makes it easier for your partners to sell your products instead of selling your competitors products.

Screenshots & diagrams:


Forecasting and pipeline management expand

In addition to internal reporting on everything that has been quoted, CallidusCloud CPQ can run within your CRM for your sales team, inside your partner portal for your partners, and on your website for your customers. All the information is automatically updated in CRM, giving you an accurate demand driven forecast across all your channels. So there is no need for sales people or partners to generate quotes and then to manually report that in the CRM, since CallidusCloud CPQ does it automatically.

Screenshots & diagrams:


Limitations of Excel, Word or other homegrown tools expand

While Excel may be ideal for computations, it is far from ideal for distributing and maintaining Excel based product selection and pricing rules. While Word may be ideal for creating quote templates, case studies and other collateral, it is far from ideal for managing content inclusion/exclusion logic and for distributing it to all your users. CallidusCloud CPQ offers the best of both worlds. It allows your product data and content to be maintained and easily uploaded from Excel and Word, without having to continuously distribute those files to all your users.


Multiple languages and markets expand

CallidusCloud CPQ is translated and currently used in the following languages:

  • » English
  • » Chinese
  • » Dutch
  • » French
  • » German
  • » Italian
  • » Japanese
  • » Portuguese
  • » Russian
  • » Serbo-Croatian
  • » Spanish

You can concurrently maintain product data in multiple languages as well as customize application labels, in addition to using different languages. Even within the same language, different labels can be used for different users based on their industry terminology.

  • » Unlimited number of languages/dictionaries
  • » Users can choose their language/dictionary
  • » Administrators can maintain all product data in multiple languages without maintaining separate products
  • » Users will automatically be using prices for their market or be allowed to select different price books if allowed
  • » Documents are generated in multiple languages

Screenshots & diagrams:

Lowering costs by eliminating product and pricing errors

With CallidusCloud CPQ quotation software, you no longer have to worry about easy-to-make mistakes that have big bottom line consequences. Our quoting software ensures accurate quotes and professional looking documents of any kind, quickly and error free.

A software company in the financial services sector was able to redeploy an entire pricing department whose previous role was solely to ensure that their complex license and maintenance agreements were priced accurately.
Increasing revenue via cross-selling and up-selling

Our quote software makes up-selling and cross-selling easy with automatic or optional additional product and/or service inclusion. Use the CallidusCloud CPQ rules engine to recommend accessories, add-ons, spare parts, volume incentives, etc. It can even help you get that profitable warranty sale or service contract.

A small Ohio based manufacturer increased their average order size by 38% by recommending premium items and related accessories to their customers.
Winning more business by shrinking the quoting process

Build quotes effortlessly, often in seconds or minutes, not days or weeks. Enable your sales people and channel partners to accurately and efficiently configure, price, quote and propose their offerings anytime, anywhere, with only a browser, freeing them up to spend more time prospecting and selling, and less time quoting and pricing.

A large HVAC equipment manufacturer was able to reduce proposal turnaround time from weeks to minutes. This enabled them to regularly engage their customers before the competitors could, resulting in more wins.

Use our quote software to make building quotes easy for everyone
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With CallidusCloud CPQ quotation software, you don't have to be an expert to create quotes. You can even allow customers to build quotes themselves and purchase your products or services. With unrivaled permissioning and personalization capabilities, selecting the proper products and services to quote or purchase can be adapted in the way most suitable for the intended user, such as:

  • Selecting from a simple product list
  • Typing or pasting in one or more part numbers from excel or text file
  • Browsing or searching through a product catalog (see CallidusCloud CPQ catalog capabilities)
  • Using CallidusCloud CPQ configurator for configuring and customizing your complex products or service offerings. (see CallidusCloud CPQ configurator capabilities)

After selecting products and services, users can be given unprecedented negotiation capabilities. They can be allowed to change discount percentages, amounts, multipliers, net prices, or extended prices. All of that at a line item level, product grouping sub-total level or for the overall deal. Exceeding any gross margin or other rules will trigger an approval process. Otherwise, users can choose from the list of available output documents in order to generate a quote or proposal and eventually place an order.