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A&D Technology, Inc. to Streamline the Opportunity-to-Order Process with WebSource CPQ and Oracle’s Siebel CRM On Demand

Webcom, Inc. Sales Configuration Tool Selected to Help Compress the Quote-to-Cash Cycle and Increase Sales Effectiveness         

San Francisco, CA – Oracle OpenWorld – October 23, 2006 – Webcom, Inc., a leader in simplified quote-to-order enablement for the selling of complex products and services and a Certified Partner in Oracle® PartnerNetwork, is pleased to announce that A&D Technology, Inc., a leading supplier of powertrain testing equipment, is implementing the Webcom WebSource CPQ solution to simplify the quote-to-order process.

With over 20 years of experience, and more than 1600 installations worldwide, A&D Technology has the people, the hardware and software technology, the applications expertise and the commitment to help you implement the most advanced and cost-effective solution to their customers testing needs. “We were looking for a solution that was easy to use and cost-effective for us to deploy”, stated Chuck Crampo, Director of Operations at A&D Technology. “We found the tightly integrated Siebel CRM On Demand and WebSource CPQ from Webcom to be a potent combination in addressing those needs”, Crampo added.

WebSource CPQ is designed to help drive increased revenues and margins, increased customer satisfaction, reduced costs and improved productivity. Requiring nothing more than a web browser, WebSource CPQ allows sales people, channel partners and consumers to easily and skillfully configure, price, quote and propose products/services. “We are excited to see the value A&D Technology will derive by being able to skillfully and easily configure, price, quote and propose,” said Chris Lesar, Webcom Executive Vice President. “We look forward to continuing to assist A&D Technology as they see continued growth and expansion”, added Lesar.

Addressing the complexities raised by multiple product choices, sales hierarchy, discounting rules, pricing rules and multiple channels, companies can automate quoting, revisions, the approval process, as well as leverage guided-selling and self-service applications with WebSource CPQ. The combination of Siebel CRM On Demand and WebSource CPQ allows A&D Technology, and others, to:

  • Move effortlessly from opportunity to order.
  • Simplify the sales process and configure, price, quote and propose a product/service offerings across all channels, anytime, anywhere.
  • Generate any document on demand without any duplication of effort or data.
  • Drive increased revenues and margins, increased customer satisfaction, reduced costs and improved productivity.

“The tight integration of WebSource CPQ and Siebel CRM On Demand demonstrates the value our customers can enjoy in making the opportunity-to-order process seamless, as well as leverage the industry-leading Siebel Business Analytics applications”, said Tom Herrmann, vice president, ISV Management and Programs at Oracle. “We are pleased that our customers can have the ability to extend their use of Siebel CRM On Demand with strong software-as-a-service (SaaS) partner solutions, such as Webcom.”

About Webcom, Inc.
Webcom, Inc. provides software solutions that simplify the quote-to-order process for the selling of complex products and services. Requiring only a browser, WebSource CPQ allows customers to configure, price, quote and propose their offerings across multiple sales and distribution channels, anytime, anywhere. WebSource CPQ not only handles the traditional bill of material, routing and diagram generation tasks frequently associated with product configurators, but also addresses the guided selling, proposal generation and multi-level channel management tasks associated with sales configurators. The solution helps drive increased revenues and margins, increased customer satisfaction, reduced costs and improved productivity. Companies utilizing Webcom’s products and services include Rockwell Automation, Danfoss, Corning Cable Systems, Network Appliance, Grayhill and GE Industrial Systems. Founded in 1997, Webcom is a privately held corporation headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with offices in the USA and Europe. For more information, visit Webcom at or call 414-273-4442 (toll free 877-508-6323).

About A&D Technology, Inc.
A&D Technology is a provider of world-class test cell integration products and services, including data acquisition and control systems, combustion analysis, rapid prototyping controllers, engine mapping and optimization software, data management systems, and dynamometers. For over 20 years, our products and services have been utilized in automotive, on- and off-road heavy duty diesel, marine, small engine, motorsports, and fuels and lubricant development. For more information, visit A&D Technology at or call 734-973-1111.

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