February 2011 - Issue 11
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» Letter from President
» Webcom Announces the Release of WebSource CPQ v11
» Webcom Announces the Release of WebSource CPQ v10.2
» Fuji Electric Selects WebSource CPQ Via AppExchange 2
» Event Calendar
» Webcom WebSource CPQ New Release Webinars - Dates & Times

Simplification Expert Tips

  CallidusCloud WorkFlow R8 New Feature

Customer Success

We welcome the following new customers to the Webcom, Inc. family:

Air Flow,Inc.
Air Flow,Inc.
Air Flow is a Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) manufacturer's representative serving Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
Core Ultrasound
Core Ultrasound
Core Ultrasound provides well-valued, high resolution ultrasound solutions supported by excellent customer care to the veterinary care market.
Marey Heater Corp.
Marey Heater Corp.
Marey Heater Corp. provides heaters that are economical and are in compliance with all ecological requirements, providing a service of excellence in the manufacturing and maintenance of their products.
MCS Fire & Security
MCS Fire & Security
MCS Fire & Security offers complete security electronic solutions for the corrections industry and a broad range of private and public sector customers in the commercial market.
Royal Vopak N.V.
Royal Vopak N.V.
Royal Vopak N.V., an independent tank terminal operator, engages in the storage and handling of liquid oil products, chemicals, vegetable oils, and liquefied gases. It operates a network of tank terminals, including import, export, or distribution terminals; hub terminals; and industrial terminals for governments, and producers and traders in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, North America, and Latin America.
RWE engages in the generation, trading, and supply of electric energy. It generates electricity using gas, coal/lignite, nuclear, wind, water, biomass, solar, and other renewables. The company also produces lignite, oil, and gas; and provides a range of gas related services, including gas supply, brokering, and handling transmission contracts.
Southern Computer Warehouse SCW
Southern Computer Warehouse (SCW)
Southern Computer Warehouse is a provider of technology hardware, software, and professional services. With industry leading customer service, SCW primarily focuses on serving State & Local government, Education institutions, and medium to large corporate organizations.
Sparkstone specializes in all aspects of technology for the retail and ecommerce sectors, supplying the most fully featured EPos, Mail order,and ecommerce solution available today.
Telstra provides global telecommunications services and solutions and is an expert in bringing the advantages of customer centric managed network solutions to the business community.
The Westye Group
The Westye Group
The Westye Group is the home of world-leading Sub-Zero & Wolf product ranges in Europe.

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Letter from Aleksandar Ivanovic, President & CEO

Alex Ivanovic, President & CEO

We closed another great year! Our customer base grew 40% and our subscriptions grew 45%. I would like to thank our employees, our customers and our partners for helping us achieve these goals.

One of the most important reasons for our success is our strong focus on innovation and customer experience. We released three sets of great new features since our last quarterly newsletter, made several performance improvements, and continue to increase the gap between us and our competitors when it comes to ease of use and setup. Additionally, we have noticed that something even more important and more exciting is happening. Our ability to deliver new features every month has become something that our customers look forward to and count on. As a result, customer participation in brainstorming and collaboration with our product management in designing new features has tremendously increased. Our design transparency and dedication to innovation is helping everybody continue to make their processes simpler, faster, and cheaper.

Webcom Announces the Release of WebSource CPQ v11

Webcom, Inc. announces the release of CPQ v11 increasing the speed and ease to configure, price and quote your products.

  Click here for the release notes for this version and all of the details on this new release!

What is New in This Version?
  • Price Books: This version allows you to maintain prices for various markets in pricing tables similar to currently used custom tables. The main advantage of pricing tables over custom table the speed and implicit lookup logic. You will still be able to maintain these by manually changing values or through mass changes using Excel or API functionality. This supports a greater amount of flexibility by allowing the system to control different prices for different markets without some of the overhead.
  • Fast Add/Edit Product in Cart: Using a quick lookup field in the cart page, your users are able to quickly add a simple product to the cart, or edit an existing product's part number to change it into another product.
  • Approval Enhancements: Approval rules now have an extra description field that is displayed to your users, allowing them to be able to more clearly understand why they have violated that approval rule.

WebSource CPQ v11 was officially released on January 15th, 2011. Please read the attached release notes for all of the changes. Webcom continues to lead the sales automation software industry with customer centric, agile and responsive development.

Webcom Announces the Release of WebSource CPQ v10.2

Webcom, Inc. announces the release of CPQ v10.2 increasing the speed and ease to configure, price and quote your products.

  Click here for the release notes for this version and all of the details on this new release!

What is New in Version 10.2?
  • Products as Line Items: Many times, products have options, like carrying cases, batteries, support, etc. Attributes in CPQ are used to facilitate a user's selection of those options. This feature gives administrators the ability to create attribute values quickly from existing products in the catalog with a single click.
  • Improved Up-Selling and Cross-Selling: The process for taking a product from Guided Selling to the cart has been shortened. In this release, if up-selling/cross-selling logic is simple and can be described using custom tables, a container can be populated with recommended products which users can quickly select and add to the cart.
  • OnDemand Sales Team Visibility: CPQ v10.2 introduces the ability for our clients who use the CRM OnDemand Sales Team functionality to specify quote visibility based on the opportunity team members.

WebSource CPQ v10.2 was officially released on December 11th, 2010. Please read the attached release notes for all of the changes. Webcom continues to lead the sales automation software industry with customer centric, agile and responsive development.

Fuji Electric Selects WebSource CPQ Via AppExchange 2

WebSource CPQ enables Fuji Electric to streamline the quote-to-order process
Largest convergence of cloud computing leaders at Dreamforce

Webcom, Inc. today announced that Fuji Electric has deployed WebSource CPQ via AppExchange 2. With WebSource CPQ, Fuji Electric America, a leading solution provider of the industrial automation market, can configure, price, quote and propose its offerings across multiple sales and distribution channels anytime, anywhere to bridge the gap from opportunity to order. Built using Force.com, the enterprise cloud computing platform, WebSource CPQ is immediately available for test drive and deployment on AppExchange 2 at http://www.salesforce.com/appexchange/. The announcement was made today at Dreamforce 2010, the cloud computing event of the year.

"Customers such as Fuji Electric leverage their investment in Salesforce CRM by extending opportunity management into quote and proposal management with WebSource CPQ," said Chris Lesar, executive vice president, Webcom. "It is the right tool for the right purpose: ease of configuration and pricing for the sales teams, critical in the managed services sector, and completeness of forecasting and reporting for management."

"WebSource CPQ allows us to meet our customers' emerging needs by offering them a quick and efficient solution that simplifies and speeds up the traditional quoting process," said Andy Urda, General Manager at Fuji Electric. "Salesforce addresses the front end of an important business process - capturing leads and creating opportunities - while WebSource CPQ handles the back end, including configuring, pricing, and creating quotes and proposals. Furthermore, our sales channels can easily check stock 24/7/365. By uniting the systems, we eliminate the manual processes in between that are costly, time-consuming and error-prone."

"Salesforce.com customers turn to the AppExchange to find and deploy applications that will enhance their Salesforce.com CRM deployments," said Kendall Collins, chief marketing officer, salesforce.com. "Applications such as WebSource CPQ help customers to further realize customer success in the cloud."

WebSource CPQ simplifies the complexities raised by multiple product and service choices, sales hierarchy, discounting rules, pricing rules and multiple channels, whether a business is selling complicated equipment, software or services. Companies can automate quoting, revisions, the approval process, as well as leverage guided-selling and self-service applications. With WebSource CPQ, companies:

  • Move effortlessly from opportunity to order
  • Simplify the sales process and configure, price, quote and propose product/service offerings across all channels, anytime, anywhere
  • Generate any document on demand without duplication of effort or data
  • Drive increased revenues and margins, increased customer satisfaction, reduced costs and improved productivity

Interested parties can go to www.webcominc.com and create their own trial instance of the solution, including integration to Salesforce CRM instantly.

Dreamforce is the industry's leading global cloud computing event. The event is focused on inspiring customer, partner and developer success with cloud computing. Attendees will learn how to maximize their current investments and explore new offerings across Salesforce Chatter, Sales Cloud 2, Service Cloud 2 and Force.com and more. Over the past ten years the cloud computing economy has radically changed the way companies operate. Now as we enter the next phase, cloud computing is becoming inherently social, real-time and mobile. Dreamforce is where this transition is happening with hundreds of salesforce.com partners exhibiting the latest cloud offerings, as well as training sessions, seminars and breakout sessions.

Simplification Expert Tips

CallidusCloud WorkFlow R8 New Feature

  • Send message action
    Now you have the ability to send a message from the profile page, a case page, or contact page in CallidusCloud WorkFlow.

  • Send message action

  • Saving new list from Search tab
    If user wants to save new List, he needs to click on Save List in case table header (on the right side) Upon click, new wizard is shown, which allows user to save a new List.

  • Saving new list from Search tab

More detailed information on these new features can be found in CallidusCloud WorkFlow.

Webcom WebSource CPQ New Release Webinars - Dates & Times

Spend a small amount of time with us and learn about new functionality available in Webcom's WebSource CPQ. All the new features, changes and upgrades will be covered in this meeting. All four webinars in the month cover the same content so you only have to sign up for one.

CPQ New Release Informational Webinar
Date: Tuesday, February 22, 2011
Time: 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM CDT - Register HERE
         1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CDT - Register HERE

CPQ New Release Informational Webinar
Date: Thursday, February 24, 2011
Time: 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM CDT - Register HERE
         5:00 PM - 6:00 PM CDT - Register HERE

After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.

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