September 2009 - Issue 6
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» Letter from Aleksandar Ivanovic, President & CEO
» Webcom, Inc. Announces New Release of CallidusCloud WorkFlow
» Webcom, Inc. Client Summit is Coming to Europe!
» Webcom, Inc. Client Summit is Going to Las Vegas!

Simplification Expert Tips

» Simplification Expert Tips

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Letter from Aleksandar Ivanovic, President & CEO

Alex Ivanovic, President & CEO

Once again I would like to thank our loyal customers for their continued support. Our growth has accelerated in Q2 with an 83% increase in subscription revenue year over year. It is apparent that our relentless pursuit of innovation, which results in delivering new features to all our customers every quarter, is becoming a great differentiator for us and our customers.

I am very pleased to let everyone know that the best is yet to come. In addition to being a transaction platform, we are also becoming a collaboration platform. Starting with V8, which was launched September 5th, our customers are now able to collaborate with their customer when it comes to reviewing quotes and proposals and negotiating a deal. Depending on one's comfort level, this capability can be extended all the way to allowing a customer to change what was proposed or even name their own price.

We are also enabling greater collaboration between us and our users. Starting with V8, all our users will be able to send us comments, request new features, share ideas, recommend charities that could benefit from our software donation, and much more, directly from our application.

Webcom, Inc. Announces New Release of CallidusCloud WorkFlow

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, May 19, 2009 - Webcom, Inc., the leader in simplifying the complex, today announced the release R5 of CallidusCloud WorkFlow, Webcom's latest offering addressing the case management and workflow processing areas. CallidusCloud WorkFlow is designed to speed "time-to-resolution", eliminate unnecessary time delays and improve overall communications and productivity through improved transparency and collaboration.

CallidusCloud WorkFlow is a robust case management and workflow solution that helps organizations keep their projects on track without making the lives of team members more complicated. This basic application provides a central location for managing the key aspects of all types of cases, including product and service defects, customer and supplier complaints, non-conformance issues, health and safety incidents and RMAs. Separate tabs keep key information within easy reach. Your team can log issues as they arise, prioritize them, and update their status as appropriate. Built-in reports let you see open issues by project, projects by stage, and many other categories.

"CallidusCloud WorkFlow continues to make innovative product enhancements that provide substantial value to organizations looking to improve business processes, reduce costs, and increase knowledge worker effectiveness," says Jeff Wenter, Operations Manager of Apollo Video Technology. "The new release includes enhancements that make critical information more accessible through CallidusCloud WorkFlow, like enabling users to monitor actions that are being performed more closely."

"We have very active and loyal users that continue to help shape the future of CallidusCloud WorkFlow," said Aleksandar Ivanovic, CEO and founder of Webcom, Inc. "Once again, we have taken the feedback and suggestions of our users to integrate a number of enhancements that will benefit all of our customers. From public case creation and case groups to new search filter options and bulk action capabilities, our latest release provides our customers with the tools they need to continue to effectively and successfully manage their business processes."

The new release also includes enhancements designed to improve user adoption and allow users to maximize their value of CallidusCloud WorkFlow. The ability to chat with other users while in CallidusCloud WorkFlow was the most requested feature and is introduced in this release.

CallidusCloud WorkFlow R5 Highlights:

  • Chat - Ability to collaborate with other users when signed in
  • Web to Case - Ability for non-users to create cases from any website
  • Case Groups - Ability for users to create their own case groupings
  • Search Filter - Ability for users to save and load their favorite search filters
  • Bulk Action - Ability to update multiple cases at once
  • Single Sign-on - Oracle CRM OnDemand and users can access CallidusCloud WorkFlow without having to login

CallidusCloud WorkFlow is available immediately, with a free trial available at Deployed in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, pricing starts at $20 per user per month for an internal user and $5 per user per month for an external user ($1 per case generated by external users).

Webcom, Inc. Client Summit is Coming to Europe!

The Webcom, Inc. Client Summit has been a huge success for our customers in the US. We've been expanding our customer base in Europe and growing our offices internationally, so we decided it's time to take our Client Summit event to London.

Join us November 9-10, 2009 in London, England for Client Summit Europe

Get more information and register now

Webcom, Inc. Client Summit is Going to Las Vegas!

Join us December 14-15, 2009 in Las Vegas, NV for 5th annual Webcom, Inc. Client Summit

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Simplification Expert Tips

Power of product aliases

Product aliases are used to create different variations of the same product configuration. Aliases can be very useful when setting up several default configurations. This approach will save the user clicks or allow marketing campaigns to configure products which are targeted to the end user. The original product becomes the master and can be either active or inactive. There are no limits to the amount of aliases created. Different attributes can be chosen as defaults when the product is configured. This is only possible if rules haven't already been created to prevent the default value selections.

Use product aliases when you have multiple product models that are similar and use the same attributes with only minor changes. This allows you to preselect or hide values in the alias that are a part of the master product. For example, you may have two computer configurations, one which has hard drive space up to 160GB and one which has hard drive space over 160GB. Two aliases can be created from a master product one which hides the 160GB and over hard drive values and the other which hides the 160GB and below hard drive values. Changes only need to be made in one product configuration and it flows to all other aliases related to that product configuration. In this way, you can set up your catalog of products and have only one or a few master products that drives them all.

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