April 2010 - Issue 8
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» Letter from Aleksandar Ivanovic, President & CEO
» Mentum Deploys WebSource CPQ from Webcom, Inc. Automating the Quotation and Proposal Generation Process
» Webcom, Inc. Announces New Release of CallidusCloud WorkFlow Case Management Software
» Webcom CallidusCloud WorkFlow R6 Webinars - Date & Times
» Client Summit 2010

Simplification Expert Tips

» Simplification Expert Tips

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Mentum Deploys WebSource CPQ from Webcom, Inc. Automating the Quotation and Proposal Generation Process

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Letter from Aleksandar Ivanovic, President & CEO

Alex Ivanovic, President & CEO

Yes, finally we are eating all of our own dog food in a BIG WAY! While we were using CallidusCloud WorkFlow for years for developing new features, collaborating on crowd-sourcing best ideas from all of you guys, and dealing with bugs, we took our use of CPQ to the next level. Many of you may ask why. After all we have pretty simple product portfolio, two products, simple prices. While our sales people and partners can select and price a product without needing CPQ (even though we did to construct simple quotes), creating proposals is a whole different story. The volume of proposals that we generate was putting a strain on our resources. They were sometimes reinventing the wheel with each proposal and occasionally making critical omissions. The right features were not always highlighted in our proposals based on customer's needs. The right case studies were not always included based on customer's vertical. It took us a month to collect the best content we had, organize it, upload it to CPQ and put the rules in place, but it was all well worth it. Now our proposals are generated in minutes and they tell a compelling story. The only bad news (to our sales people) is I am going to expect even faster growth and probably assign higher quotas.


Like Aleks said above, proposals that tell a compelling story are just a few clicks away. We encourage you to experience how our sales people create proposals by going through the process yourself.

Mentum Deploys WebSource CPQ from Webcom, Inc. Automating the Quotation and Proposal Generation Process

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, January 12, 2010 - Webcom, Inc., a leader in simplified quote-to-order enablement for the selling of complex products and services, is pleased to announce that Mentum has implemented Webcom's WebSource CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) solution integrated with Salesforce.com. WebSource CPQ automates, simplifies, and accelerates the quote-to-order process improving user adoption and automating the sales process for Mentum's extensive global sales force.

Mentum is a software development company focused on wireless network planning and wireless backhaul design. The company's signature solutions Mentum Planet and Mentum Ellipse® help wireless operators, as well as their equipment vendors and consultants, design and optimize wireless access and transmission networks.

"As a leading provider of network solutions to several of the largest Service Providers in the world, Mentum is dedicated to providing our sales channels with the most up-to-date and efficient tools available for maintaining and growing our customer base," said Bernard Breton, COO, Mentum. "In addition, we needed a system that people within the organization could use to efficiently deliver quality proposals to end-customers. Webcom's WebSource CPQ solution addresses these needs and more. The system is designed for multi-company and multi-currency, along with special pricing management, which is very complete and allows for complex standard discounting rules. We have already benefitted from a shorter, error-free quote process."

WebSource CPQ is designed to help drive increased revenues and margins, increased customer satisfaction, reduced costs and improved productivity. Requiring nothing more than a web browser, WebSource CPQ will allow Mentum to easily and skillfully configure, price, quote and propose solutions, significantly reducing the quotation turnaround time in an error-free manner.

"Mentum has large, global sales channels, requiring a CPQ application that can be rolled out quickly in multiple languages and currencies," said Chris Lesar, Webcom's executive vice president. "Typical of all rapidly growing worldwide companies, Mentum's sales support applications needed rapid widespread user adoption to achieve meaningful ROI. Webcom's single sign-on, multi-tenant platform that is tightly integrated with salesforce.com insured that Mentum's sales team was up and running on our CPQ application in short order. We are pleased that Mentum has chosen Webcom and are confident that our solutions will help Mentum achieve their sales goals."

Webcom, Inc. Announces New Release of CallidusCloud WorkFlow Case Management Software

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, March 23, 2010 - Webcom, Inc., the leader in simplifying the complex, today announced the release R6 of CallidusCloud WorkFlow, Webcom's latest offering addressing the case management and workflow processing areas. CallidusCloud WorkFlow is designed to speed “time-to-resolution”, eliminate unnecessary time delays and improve overall communications and productivity through improved transparency and collaboration.

A robust case management software, CallidusCloud WorkFlow helps organizations manage the key aspects of all types of cases, including product and service defects, customer and supplier complaints, non-conformance issues, health and safety incidents and RMAs. Separate tabs keep key information within easy reach. Your team can log issues as they arise, prioritize them, and update their status as appropriate. Built-in reports let you see open issues by project, projects by stage, and many other categories.

"CallidusCloud WorkFlow has improved our responsiveness and effectiveness by providing accuracy, visibility, and accountability regarding critical business projects across the enterprise," said Aina Fetterer, Sr. Systems Analyst, Broan-NuTone. "CallidusCloud WorkFlow's value to our organization is enhanced with the WebSource CPQ integration by improving collaboration throughout our sales process."

The new release also includes enhancements designed to improve user adoption and allow users to maximize their value of CallidusCloud WorkFlow. Integration with Facebook enables companies to share industry news and product releases, while receiving instantaneous feedback from customers.

"Customer feedback has always been an important part of the product development process at Webcom," said Aleksandar Ivanovic, CEO and founder of Webcom, Inc. "Through Facebook, our users now have the ability to receive real-time access to what their customers and others within the industry are looking for in a product or service, which enables them to react quickly to those needs."

CallidusCloud WorkFlow R6 Highlights:

  • Widgets - Embed case creation forms and case list widgets into your website or other applications
  • CallidusCloud WorkFlow Feed - See what's happening across the entire organization through a social media like feed
  • Workflow Creation Wizard - Design a fully functional new workflow process in three easy steps
  • Audit Trail - See detailed statistics on all things occurring in the application
  • CPQ Integration - Integrate with any Product Catalog or CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) software
  • Facebook Integration - Share cases and product reviews on Facebook
  • Tweet Feed - Find tweets and create cases based on keywords

New feature demos of CallidusCloud WorkFlow are available at http://www.webcominc.com/resp_demo.html.

Webcom CallidusCloud WorkFlow R6 Webinars - Date & Times

Spend a small amount of time with us and learn about new functionality available in Webcom's CallidusCloud WorkFlow R6 case management software.

  • CallidusCloud WorkFlow R6 Webinar
  • Reserve your Webinar seat now by - Clicking Here
  • Date: Tuesday, April 6, 2010
  • Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM CDT
  • CallidusCloud WorkFlow R6 Webinar
  • Reserve your Webinar seat now by - Clicking Here
  • Date: Thursday, April 8, 2010
  • Time: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM CDT

After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.

Client Summit - Milwaukee/London - October 2010 - More info soon...

Simplification Expert Tips

Customize the Responder

In the latest version of CPQ, we released two features that allows you to control how the responder looks. You now have the ability to control which attributes are displayed in the responder and what their order is. Now if a question like "Would like you to upgrade your warranty" doesn't make sense to show in the responder, then you can remove it all together. Just go to the new "Step 7" in the Product Setup Wizard to manage which attributes and which line item attributes will show.

Furthermore, for those attributes in which a price just doesn't apply, you are now able to turn it off. The new "Show Price" option in Step 3 for attributes determines whether or not prices will show in the responder for that attribute. So now if it makes sense to show "Would like you to upgrade your warranty" in the responder but it doesn't makes sense to show a price, you can turn remove the price for that attribute only. The "Show Price" option also determines whether or not prices will show for attributes when you have the "Show Attribute Prices within Configurator" option set in the Application Parameters.

With these new features, you can now set up your configurations so that they are much clearer and logical for your users.

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