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Customer Success

We welcome the following new customers to the Webcom, Inc. family:

Printex Group
Printex Group
Printex is an International manufacturer of screenprinting equipment for the Textile and Graphics industries.
Astute (Scotland) Ltd
Astute (Scotland) Ltd.
Astute provides professional solutions in Print and Design, Visual Communications, and Office Solutions, and is also one of the largest independent UK Rubber Stamp manufacturers.
Taleo Corporation
Taleo Corporation
Taleo is the leader in on demand unified talent management solutions that empower organizations of all sizes to better understand and engage their best talent for improved business performance.
MegaBingo Inc
MegaBingo Inc.
MegaBingo Inc. provides interactive, multimedia communications and data processing services and products to gaming and entertainment industries.

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Letter from Aleksandar Ivanovic, President & CEO

Alex Ivanovic, President & CEO

Why do 100s of millions of people eagerly use facebook when nobody's making them, while 100s of millions of employees dreadfully use enterprise applications, like SAP, even though their bosses are making them?
Is it because social media companies don't have the luxury of power-pointing their users into submission? Is it because social media companies focus on being good at building good products, instead of focusing on being good at selling?

So why don't enterprise application companies learn from them? - Because they still don't have to. Many of today's enterprise IT departments are yet to learn that in today's day and age of SaaS applications, you don't have to make your decision based on power points, carefully controlled reference calls and case studies. With no hardware to buy, no software to install, why not take try-before-you-buy approach. It is amazing how much effort goes into product evaluations which often lead to wrong decisions.

With that in mind, I have an exciting announcement. Instead of preaching about collaborative selling, CPQ V10 will come tightly integrated with CallidusCloud WorkFlow on the quote level. All of our existing customers who are interested will be able to try it. There will be nothing to set up, nothing to turn on. This capability will discreetly show up on the main quote/shopping cart tab, with additional capabilities on the collaboration tab. For those that are not sure of V10 timing, take a look at our public calendar. It has the CPQ release schedule through the end of 2011.

Happy collaborating!

Webcom, Inc. Announces New Release of WebSource CPQ (Configuration, Pricing, Quotation & Proposal) V9

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, April 13, 2010 - Webcom, Inc., the leader in simplified quote-to-order enablement for the selling of complex products and services, announced today the availability of version 9.0 of its market leading WebSource CPQ (Configuration, Pricing, Quotation & Proposal) solution. The new release demonstrates Webcom's thought leadership as the solution builds off of prior themes of automation and simplification. Adopters of collaborative selling are sure to gain competitive advantage.

"Automating and simplifying is no longer enough, the entire community of sellers, partners and customers need to work together to best match the customer's needs to product and service offerings," said Aleksandar Ivanovic, CEO and founder of Webcom, Inc. "Collaboration needs to be core to the sales process in order to be able to provide actionable insight for our users to leverage," added Ivanovic.

A new module available with WebSource CPQ, Collaborative Selling leverages Webcom's case management offering, CallidusCloud WorkFlow. Collaborative Selling enables elements such as "Ask an Expert" and "New Feature Request" to provide Google Wave-like threads delivered in a Facebook-like feed, utilizing business rules and workflow that enable users to better capture and tap tribal knowledge, accelerate deals through the sales process and speed product portfolio innovation.

In addition to collaboration through WebSource CPQ, other significant new features include:

  • Container enhancements allowing for control of who can see which container column and easier placement of content into a proposal or other generated documents
  • Where applicable, rule-writing is minimized and replaced by simple table inference
  • Just like generated documents can either be in their native format (MS Word, Excel) or in PDF, the dynamically created notifications attachments can now be in PDF as well
  • Automatic quote expiration behavior, including auto-updates of CRM opportunities
  • Approval Reminder process prevents approvals from slipping through the cracks

"V9 is just more positive reinforcement that we made the best decision in choosing WebSource CPQ to power our services business at Atlas Copco Compressor Technique Service Division," stated Louis De Jaegher, Process Manager at Compressor Technique Service Division. "Webcom's release strategy provides a nice balance of new features for the business user and ease of use for the administrative user," added De Jaegher.

WebSource CPQ is designed to help drive increased revenues and margins, increased customer satisfaction, reduced costs and improved productivity. Requiring nothing more than a web browser, WebSource CPQ allows sales people, channel partners and consumers to easily and skillfully configure, price, quote and propose products/services.

"WebSource CPQ is a true software-as-a-service (SaaS) multi-tenant application allowing speed, scalability, security and instant-upgrade," stated Chris Lesar, Executive Vice President of Webcom. "Everyone is on the latest release. Nobody is hollering 'upgrade me: I need these new features more than the other guy'."

Webcom's customers and partners will further collaborate on WebSource CPQ features and product road-map at the Client Summits in London, October 4-5, 2010 and Milwaukee, October 14-15, 2010. More information is available at www.webcominc.com.

New Demos

Collaborative Selling
While WebSource CPQ can automate most transactions, there are always some deals that need collaborative wisdom to push them though. Our social media like collaborative capabilities can provide an added competitive advantage to your organization. view demo

Lead Generation
In addition to automating your quotes and orders, CPQ can also help with your lead generation effort. The two features that are particularly useful as lead generators are: Self Service Quotes and Ask an Expert Collaboration. view demo

WebSource CPQ on the iPhone
Because WebSource CPQ is a web based application, you can not only use it through a browser on a PC but also on a internet enabled mobile device. Here is how WebSource CPQ looks on the iPhone. view demo

Client Summit - Milwaukee/London - October 2010 - More info soon...

Simplification Expert Tips

CallidusCloud WorkFlow Feed

Now, instead of going through each case, ResonsAbility will talk to you. Using feeds you are able to see exactly what's happening and follow the most recent conversations from all cases without having to go to each case.

Users are able to customize their feed visibility by setting filter criteria. A CallidusCloud WorkFlow user can display feed based on an action(s), start/end status, assignee, project, performer and case update. After setting criteria click "Show" and your activities will appear in table format. Users can also specify which columns will be visible in the feed table by clicking the "Edit" link above the table. Simply drag 'n' drop fields you would like to add and save.

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