CallidusCloud WorkFlow Features

  Basic Pro
Process Modeling    
Graphical Designer    
Workflows can be graphically designed   x
Top-level status diagram (for business users) X  
Drag-and-drop of workflow components   x
Can be designed by non-technical users x  
Design stored in relational database   x
Workflow Engine    
Task-driven engine   x
Web based instance creation x  
Allows tracking of workflow statuses X  
Workflows can be re-routed manually X  
Workflows can be automatically re-routed based on time   x
Workflow statuses can be activated based on time X  
System calendar distinguishes work days, and work day start/end times x  
Workflow does not require additional engine/plug-ins x  
Workflow Design    
Prevents workflow instance creation based on validation rules X  
Participant selection based on workflow variables and status x  
Supports attachments that are specific to a workflow instance x  
Workflow instances have unique IDs and can be named manually x  
Target dates and times can change in mid-stream depending on workflow rules and status x  
Supports multiple user roles in a workflow x  
Checks for sufficient user rights to execute workflow actions x  
Workflow Use    
Maintains separate to-do and watch lists for each user x  
Supports filters and search capabilities for user-specific to-do and watch lists x  
Tracks and displays workflow instance status, priority, current assignee, and any other related field x  
Unlimited comments per workflow instance x  
Maintains audit trails x  
Allows manual override of workflow statuses x  
Workflow Notification    
Notification alerts participants responsible for workflow steps X  
Notification alerts specific workflow participants X  
Notification occurs within an e-mail program  X  
Supports one-time notifications x  
Supports unlimited recurrent notifications   x
Supports recurrent notifications with maximum recurrent count   x
Can raise a single notification within a defined time period   x
Can immediately notify users when an event occurs that is set to trigger the notification X  
Solution prevents the user from switching notifications off X  
Solution allows users to manually trigger notifications and to add recipients to process notifications and manual notifications x  
Includes hyperlinks to content objects X  
Notifies users of changes to without the use of attachments X  
Notifies or escalates overdue workflow actions   x
Reminder notifications as scheduled task deadlines approach   x
Notification escalation   x
Workflow Management    
Authorized non-technical users can manage workflow processes X  
Controls and interacts with workflow instances: creation, activation, suspension, termination x  
Notification features can be designed, enabled or disabled by system administrators X  
Workflow can be changed in real time X  
Workflow administrator can delegate rights to users x  
Workflow interaction by client or e-mail can be determined based on whether or not a user is licensed x  
User collaboration x  
Task collaboration x  
Workflow Reporting    
Status of individual workflow instances is viewable X  
Status of all workflow instances is viewable X  
Report/display/audit user's every interaction in every status in every instance x  
Workflow reporting by workflow launcher, contributor, or manager, or any authorized user x  
Workflow reporting by completed actions x  
Workflow reporting by pending actions x  
Workflow reporting by outstanding or overdue actions x  
Workflow reporting based on any custom field, comments, dates, etc.     
Workflow reporting by statistical reports on the above categories x  
Event Triggers    
Global triggers   x
Instance related triggers   x
Workflow attributes related triggers   x
SLA related triggers   x
Automatic Events    
Status changes   X
Successful rule executions   X
Priority Changes   x
Changes to custom and standard field content   x
User assignment   X
Escalation Options    
Notify responsible parties by e-mail   X
Notify users in specific roles by e-mail   X
Notify specific users by e-mail   X
User release from workflow   x
Custom escalation actions performed on cases   X
Notify messages that are based on user-defined parameters   X
Escalation Recurrence    
One time   X
Finite recurrence   X
Infinite recurrence   X
Notification Mechanisms    
E-mail messages X  
Business Rules    
Embedded scripts   x
Driven by process data   x
Driven by process run-time information   x
Driven by due dates   x
Each case type can have unlimited number Service Level Agreements   x
Each status in each case type can have unlimited number of Service Level Agreements   x
Each SLA can have unlimited number of thresholds such as 80% - yellow, 90% orange, 100% red, 110% purple   x
Each SLA threshold can be specified in terms of % or actual time.    x
Field Types Modeling    
Text data type X  
Numeric data type X  
Date/time data type X  
Large text data type X  
URL data type x  
Lookup data type x  
Pick List Data Type x  
Percent x  
Slider x  
Multi-valued data x  
Due Dates    
Dynamic due date   x
Based on process start time   x
Based on process target end time   x
User-defined x  
Security Management    
Roles and Users    
Process-specific roles x  
Global roles X  
Role-based access control x  
Manual assignment x  
Role Management    
Define roles within repository X  
Assigns workflow privileges to roles X  
Assigns authors/users to one or multiple roles X  
Restricts access using authentication processes x  
Global Permission Management can be used for user visibility, field level control, project level control, assignment control, process level control, etc. or can be overwritten at each level.  x  
Separates internal and external authors/users to ensure explicit privacy x  
User profiles    
All users allocated a unique ID X  
Creates access controls for individuals X  
Creates user privileges for individuals X  
Users belong to a profile x  
Users belong to a department x  
Departments belong to companies x  
Multiple system timers x  
Timer selection for system tasks x  
Timer selection for any task x  
Form Management    
Form Types    
Drag and Drop Form Designer X  
Form Sharing across processes and statues X  
Field sharing across processes.     
Tables can be customized by authors based on process type x  
Ajax based case preview in each table x  
Tables can be customized by users x  
Data Validation    
Check for presence of data X  
Check for data validity X  
Notify users of specific data errors X  
Check required fields X  
Dynamic feedback on the difference between field content and maximum allowed field content length    
Form Layout    
Forms can be laid out manually X  
Forms are laid out automatically X  
Support multiple layout schemes x  
Case Tracking    
To-do List    
All Open Cases x  
Open Cases Assigned to me x  
Open cases assigned to my department x  
open cases I created x  
open cases my department created x  
Watch List    
Customized by administrator X  
Users can add any case to their watch list x  
super administrator can see who's watching which case x  
Overdue tasks X  
Daily overdue tasks X  
Weekly overdue tasks X  
Monthly overdue tasks X  
Stalled tasks X  
Export to CSV, Excel, XML, PDF,RTF X  
Graphical Analytics of reports   x
Trending Graphs   x
Search and Query    
Users can search for cases by case name X  
Users can search for cases by workflow name X  
Users can search for cases by project X  
Users can search for cases by assignee    
Users can search for cases by status X  
Users can search for cases by creation date X  
Users can search for cases by last updated date X  
Users can search for cases by priority X  
Users can search for cases by any action they ever performed.  X  
Users can run ad-hoc queries based on arbitrary process data or content of any case comment x  
Results can be viewed graphically (charts) with drill down capabilities.    x
Result trends can be seen graphically    x
Participants can share any number of documents within a workflow instance X  
Participants can post comments/messages for each workflow instance X  
Time Zones    
Identify time zones   x
Change time zones manually   x
User Account Management    
Users can change passwords X  
Users can change name X  
Users can change time zone   x
Monitoring and Management    
Instance Management    
Users can pause or resume instances X  
Administers determine which statuses/steps count against SLAs   x
Users can restart instances X  
Users can close instances x  
Users can manually override instance data X  
Workflow Initiation    
Workflows can be excluded from manual initiation based on user permissions X  
Different Workflows can be initiated by different users X  
Workflows can be initiated only by authenticated users X  
Workflow Monitoring    
Users can monitor the status of all workflow instances in a single view X  
Users can monitor status of individual workflow instances X  
There is a graphical monitoring console   x
Users can drill down from the monitoring console to see workflow instances in a particular status   x
Users can drill down to individual workflow instances from the graphical monitoring console   x
Workflow Statistics    
User workload report X  
Instance cycle time statistics   x
Instance aging statistics   x
Workflow routes statistics   x
Workflow states statistics   x
Workflow user statistics   x
Workflow roles statistics   x
Audit Trails    
Audit trails are captured for workflow events X  
Audit trails are captured for user inputs on forms x  
Audit trails are captured for user assignments/releases X  
Audit trails are captured for escalation actions x  
Audit trails are captured for notifications x  
Resource Organization    
Centralized resource ownership and administration X  
Organization hierarchies x  
Process Analytics    
Performance Data    
Duration of each workflow step X  
Users can see applicable and violated SLAs    
Number of revisits to each workflow step X  
Trend Analysis    
Activity volume   x
Case closing rate   x
Case creation rate   x
Overdue volume   x
Overdue duration   x
Case duration   x
Duration in each status   x
Web Browser    
Microsoft Internet Explorer X  
Mozilla/Firefox X  
Opera X  
Time Frame    
Product can be activated in minutes, no client side installation.  X  
Installation comes with 4 basic processes (RMA, New Feature Request, Bug and ECN), others can be modeled in hours. x  
Online context sensitive help X  
Free Unlimited Support (using Webcom's instance or CallidusCloud WorkFlow) X  
Trials or Evaluations    
Access to on-line demonstrations of the solution for evaluation X  
Access to try the actual product on a live server X  
Service Level Agreements (SLA)    
Standard SLA to customers (using Webcom's instance or CallidusCloud WorkFlow for SLA management) X  
Custom SLAs for individual customer needs X  
SLA includes multiple levels of support X  
Implementation consultants X  
Classroom training X  
On site training X  
Training Courses    
System administration X  
Workflow design X  
Integration with external systems x  
Facebook Integration x  
CallidusCloud WorkFlow Feed x  
Tweet Feed x  
Audit Trail x  
Widgets x  
CPQ Integration x  
Workflow Creation Wizard x